Acre by Modern Mill

ACRE by Modern Mill is a new, breakthrough sustainable wood replacement material, domestically made in Mississippi from rice hulls without touching a single tree. It can be sanded, cut, ripped, painted (with no primer) and stained. It can even be run through our moulders. It has the same warmth and aesthetic of wood without the maintenance and comes with LIFETIME warranty from rot, cracking, splintering, or swelling. Perfect for any outdoor projects

Acre is currently stocking us with:

  • Decking (1″ x 5-1/2) Grooved/Non-Grooved
  • Sheet goods (3/4″x4’x8′)
  • Trim & dimensional lumber (1×4, 1×6, 1×8)

    Click photo for more examples!

We can special order different sized sheet goods and trim with about a 4 week lead time

Acre Perks:

  • Can be run to custom patterns through the moulder!!!
  • 100% resistant to water, weather, pests, and rot
  • Can be stained and painted (no primer needed) just like wood
  • Can be cut, surfaced, and sanded
  • Can be run through a molder
  • Accepts nails and screws with a flush finish (no cracking at all)
  • Has a natural wood finish as well as a sanded side
  • Easily glued and bonded
  • Absolutely zero maintenance
  • Low heat retention makes it easy on bare feet on hot days (30°cooler than trex)

    Click photo for more specs!


Modern Mill Website

Acre tech/training/installation guides