Occasionally, we develop items that are surplus, damaged or have just “worn out their welcome”, so we offer them at below-market prices to try to find new homes for these “problem children”.  We price these to move, but if you are interested in a larger quantity, please feel free to make a reasonable offer.

VG Western Red Cedar siding

Specs: 3/4″ x 7-1/4″ Face

1,044 LF in stock (13′-14′) (approximately 600 sq ft)

7.50 per linear foot

Perfect for painting/staining or just keep it clear

Sold in full

Item descriptionPrice# of pieces availableItem#
3/4″ Garnica light weight C2 Maple (calibrated core) 4×8$90.0050034MA31BL
3/4″ Alder A1 fall-down shop veneer core 4×8$125.006534AL02C
3/4″ Cherry special shop crossband core 4×8$70.00634CH22C
3/4″ V.G. Fir A1 fall-down shop 4×8$125.001434FI03C
3/4″ White maple rift fall-down shop veneer core 4×8$75.00234MA04C
3/4″ Red Oak rift shop MDF core 4×8$50.00134OR03M
3/4″ White Oak A1 rift MDF fall-down shop 4×8$110.00734OW03M
3/4″ Walnut A1 fall-down shop veneer core 4×10$110.00634WA02C10
1/4″ Cherry Melamine 1 side white 1 side mdf core 4×8$15.00914CM1
1/2″ Cherry Melamine 2 sided particle board core 4×8$20.00312CM2
1/4″ Cherry A4 Pre-finished 1 side shop 4×8$50.001414CH02MCFM
1/2″ Cherry A1 Pre-finished 2 sides veneer core 4×8$85.00612CH12VCFM
3/4″ Fir Rift Shop 2 sides crossband Core 4×8$140.003034FI03C
3/4″ White Oak Shop Rift 4×8$147.20634OW03C
3/4″ Alder P/S Shop 4×8$134.403834AL02C
1/4″ 5.2mm A1 Cypress MDF core 4×8$75.001114CY12M
Beech Veneer 10mil backer 4×8$50.004WT4X8BE