Baubuche European Beech Panels

Baubuche Beech panels and countertops

About BauBuche

BauBuche is a laminated veneer lumber made from European beech manufactured exclusively by Pollmeier. BauBuche is produced in a completely new, yet highly economical process. Peeled veneer layers of 3mm in thickness are parallel- or cross-laminated and turned into beams, boards, panels and flooring elements.

With its exceptionally high strength BauBuche allows structures with significantly slimmer dimensions, compared to softwood materials. The high surface quality makes BauBuche ideally suited for visible construction elements. And the cost-efficient manufacturing technology places structures using BauBuche at the same price level as conventional softwood structures.


Current available sizes:

1.378” x 26.77” x 157”

1.77” x 26.77” x 157”

2.36” x 26.77” x 157”