Drawer Slides

Undermount lengths: 12″, 15″, 18″, 21″, 24″

  • Quiet and smooth opening and closing thanks to the improved cushion between the members
  • Smooth engagement with metal Soft-Close Piston
  • 6-way adjustable (4-way side-to-side and in-out through the locking devices included with each set, and 2-way Easy Height Adjustment on the drawer member)
  • 100 lb static load capacity
  • For drawer thickness 1/2″ – 5/8″ (12.7mm – 16mm)
  • Steel or adjustable nylon back brackets for face frame – available upon request

Sidemount lengths (soft close & non-soft close): 10″-24″ increments of 2″

  • Smooth opening/closing action with precision ball bearings
  • Controlled targeted grease applied to bearings
  • Quick and easy assembly and dismantling with lever
  • Front bump to trap the ball bearing casing when drawer member is dismantled
  • Available with SOFT CLOSE and NON SOFT CLOSE
  • Available in 10-inch through 28-inch lengths
  • Available in H=45mm/100lbs and H=35mm/75lbs
  • Back brackets available for face frame application on H=45mm / available upon request

We also carry the same sizes made by BLUM. Locking devices sold separately

24″ BLUM are the Moventos