Garnica Light Weight Plywood

Lightweight panel with a European poplar core and decorative maple faces, pale pink in tone, and a marked reddish-brown grain.

The beauty of the maple faces make it ideal for decorative applications such as the furniture construction or interior decoration.

Available with a UV varnished finish on one or both faces, which highlights the beauty of the natural wood grain while increasing surface hardness.

Elegance Maple panels are made of premium single piece core veneers from European sustainable poplar plantations that provide extraordinary lightweight panels making them easy to machine, virtually void-free with no telegraphing, with exceptional bond quality, flatness, stability and machining properties.

Glue type: Interior
Emissions: CARB Phase 2 / US EPA TSCA Title VI certified
Face grade: Rotary cut B-2 & C-2 (SAP and Natural Color), Plain Sliced A-1

  • Exceptional beauty. Natural wood faces made of decorative maple.
  • Lightness. To maximize fuel savings in vehicles.
  • Exceptional qualities. Stable, uniform, and easy to machine.
  • Sustainability. Certified European fast-growing plantations.
  • UV. Available with a varnished finish on one or both faces.